Optimizing Your Brain Chemistry Will:

* Eliminate Cravings * Increase Willpower * Help Loss Weight Fast * Improve Sleep & Mood * Calm Stress * Increase Focus

" The brain is the command center of your body. If you want a better body, then the place to ALWAYS start is by having a better brain."
Daniel Amen, MD

Science and research continues to reveal the link between abnormal brain chemistry and your inability to reach your ideal and healthy weight.

Studies show that chronic stress, negative lifestyle, and genetic factors can result in the shortage of certain brain chemicals in the reward centers of the brain (Brain Reward Cascade) resulting in the loss of self-control and interfering with normal decision-making.

These chemical shortages cause a form of emotional pain, (Reward Deficiency Syndrome) and overeating (binge eating) helps to relieve this mental discomfort.

The brain chemicals that dominate your appetite, mood, and willpower are:

Dopamine - Dopamine is your brain’s natural power source, which keeps you mentally and physically energized throughout the day. When there i s a lack in dopamine, your metabolism slows down, causing food to be stored as fat.

Dopamine also controls the cravings you have for specific foods, and the level of satisfaction you get form those foods. When this brain chemical is unbalanced, it causes cravings that are emotionally-based, making them difficult to satisfy, and excess food consumption is needed to provide a sense of fulfillment, both emotionally and physically.

Low-dopamine individuals often feel sluggish, even cranky. When a person feels this way they tend to crave foods that will give them energy. These “high energy” foods (sugar, coffee, energy drinks) that cause you to consistently gain weight and feel even more sluggish and tired.

These individuals can also exhibit short attention span, and may exhibit problems with impulse control, organization, motivation, and planning. They may complain of being inattentive, distracted, bored, off task, and impulsive.

GABA - GABA is the chemical that functions as your brain’s calming agent. It helps regulate the nervous system by keeping all the other chemicals connected. A balanced brain creates and receives electricity in a smooth, even flow, creating a consistent and even “pace” of both mental and physical activity.

GABA determines the pace at which your body and brain can handle life’s stresses, and when GABA is low, it can make you feel overly emotional and mentally or physically nervous, tense, and irritable.

Without GABA, we cannot soothe ourselves out of a stressful situation; we then rely on food to fix the problem (a.k.a emotional eating).  The lack of GABA is connected to overeating and food addiction where you to eat and eat, but never feel satisfied.

Serotonin - Serotonin is the happy, anti-worry, flexibility neurotransmitter. People with a serotonin deficiency have trouble shifting their attention and tend to get stuck on thoughts of food or compulsive eating behaviors.

Nighttime-eating syndrome, where people gorge at night and then are not hungry early in the day, is also associated with this deficiency.

With too little Serotonin, a person will suffer with poor mood quality, and battle depression, sleep problems, and carbohydrate cravings that are made worse by emotional stress.

This person can also suffer from feelings of anxienty, and may have been placed on anti-anxiety medications in the past. These negitive emotions cause the person to seek comfort in foods, especially high calorie simple sugars that will sabotage weight loss and health goals.


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